Yearly Vaccinations Not Always Necessary

Pet owners, who feel guilty for not having their pets vaccinated regularly, may take solace in knowing that the recommendations for these annual shots have changed. Whereas most visits to the veterinarian’s office were, in the past, for purpose of obtaining annual inoculations for their pets, the AVMA as well as the American Animal Hospital Association are pushing for a different approach. Both the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) assert that how often vaccinations are given should depend on the lifestyle, age and health of the pet.
This change in recommendation comes about partly due to the increased length that inoculations can provide immunity and to the potential dangers presented by repeated inoculations. With both the health of your wallet and more importantly the well being of your dog or cat at risk, a discussion with your vet before further routine vaccinations are given is a must. Information such as whether your cat is an inside or an outside cat can greatly affect its vaccination needs.
Do your homework and approach your pet’s doctor without being accusatory. A veterinarian’s office is a small business, and the annual vaccination is a high market up procedure. Additionally, your veterinarian may not be aware of the new recommendations or of your willingness to forgo annual inoculations for your pet. Mention your concerns in a non-confrontational manner. Together, you and your vet should be able to come to a consensus on a safe, yet less frequent vaccination schedule.
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