Why ATV Lift Kits Are Important

The last thing you want happen is to get stuck with your ATV while trying to navigate rough terrain. ATV lift kits will quickly solve this problem. The purpose of ATV lift kits is to give an average increase of 2 inches to accommodate larger-sized tires. With the tires in place you gain more inches of clearance which increases the height of the ATV. Adding larger tires without using the kit will cause the tires to rub against the fenders.

The bigger the tires the easier it is for the ATV to climb rocks and logs in the way. Also, it is more unlikely to become stuck in snow and mud with the larger surface area of the tires giving more traction. An important side benefit of installing ATV lift kits is the ability to go through water since the exhaust pipes and intake valves are now higher.

When using installing an ATV lift kit it might be a good idea to use shocks that can deal with the extra load due to the height increase. Some ATV owners tend to overlook this part of the ATV’s overhaul. ATV lift kit More info: atv lift kits

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