Stretch Marks Removal – From Line To Smoothness

There are many reasons for stretch marks – those unsightly lines on a body – but the most common among them is sudden weight gain or weight loss. In fact, the marks are most commonly found on the abdomen, buttocks, hips and breasts – areas that store large amounts of fat.

Though not harmful to health, stretch marks are not comforting to look at and do not give the skin a smooth appearance.

Seen very commonly among pregnant women (almost 90 percent of them develop stretch marks during the last trimester of pregnancy), stretch marks can be prevented by an application of Olive oil or Vitamin E cream. Some cultures also endorse egg oil (Japanese) and almond oil and milk cream (Indian).

But if a person is unable to prevent them then the next step is stretch marks removal. There are a few options available for stretch mark removal and some of them are highlighted below.

1. Lavender, flaxseed, cod liver and castor oils are great to massage on stretch marks and help reduce them to a large extent.
2. Cocoa butter is known for its therapeutic qualities and can be applied liberally on the affected areas.
3. Exercise is vital as it tightens the skin and betters elasticity, thus preventing the recurrence of stretch marks.
4. It is important to drink plenty of water, because hydrated skin retains elasticity and eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
5. You should also include vitamins C, E and A in their diet. These vitamins are crucial to the health of skin and can be found in citrus fruits, almonds and eggs.
6. If all methods fail and the stretch marks still remain, you always have the option of resorting to surgery.

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