Outcall Massage

In a typical massage, the client comes to the masseuse. However, when a client is homebound, bedridden or in a strange city, the benefits of a massage must be weighed with the inconvenience of going out. Thankfully, for those clients, there is another option. An outcall massage is a type of massage that involves the masseuse coming to the client.

An outcall massage is the opposite of an incall massage. In an incall massage, the client travels to a fixed location. An outcall massage therapist travels to a variety of locations. They give massages in hotel rooms, homes and businesses.

Before hiring an outcall masseuse, ensure that the space the masseuse is to work in is adequate. Ensure that the area is clean and that enough space is cleared for the massage table. Extra space, for the massage therapist to work, is also necessary.

Before the day of the massage, be sure that children, pets and other housemates are occupied or otherwise cared for during the massage. Ensure that you have the quiet and privacy necessary to fully relax during this experience. For very young children, a sitter or trip to Grandma’s house might be in order.

During the massage, the therapist will play soothing music and use a lightly scented lotion to help you relax. The massage typically begins with the back. The legs, arms, head and neck come next. Sometimes, the massage therapist also massages the face, chest and belly. If at any time you are uncomfortable, let the masseuse know. An outcall massage therapy will help you feel your best.
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