Is A House Sitter For You?

Some people, without a doubt, need a house sitter. Those that have pets needing care are an example. Small pets can easily be boarded elsewhere, but large animals need someone there to care for them. There are also small pets who do better at home, making it easier on everyone if someone comes to care for them. However, there are other reasons to consider a house sitter.

When home owners go away for an extended period of time their home may need tending to. Maintenance such as mowing the lawn, pool upkeep and plant care are things a house sitter can take care of. Another very important reason to have someone staying in the home is to give it that “lived in” look. Unoccupied homes are targets for break-ins; having someone staying there decreases the chance of a burglary.

Looking for the right person to stay in your home is serious business. If you are seeking someone outside your circle of family and friends, be sure to check credentials and references. You are entrusting this person with your personal possessions so be sure they are trustworthy. Have them over to meet any pets they will be caring for. Pets are good judges of character; make sure both the pet and house sitter are comfortable with each other. If you have large animals, such as horses, make sure the pet sitter has experience caring for them.

Leaving your home in the care of a house sitter can afford peace of mind and make your travels more enjoyable.
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