Infiniti is a division of Nissan Motor Group. It wasn’t added to the company until 1989 and features the luxury line of the automotive company. It was launched with the idea of using a vehicle line that didn’t fit in with the mainstream Nissan brand already in circulation. It coincided with the release of Lexus and Acura by Nissan’s competitors Toyota and Honda. The companies came out with these high end expensive luxury vehicle lines around the same time that the Japanese government enacted the voluntary export restraints.

Voluntary export restraints limited the amount of goods that could be exported during a certain, specific time period. The restraints made it more profitable for companies to sell more expensive products to the United States. The Infiniti name was first stamped onto the Q45 and the M30. Every Infiniti since has been named in such a way. They are usually named for the type of vehicle they represent and the kind of engine the car has under the hood.

Vehicles name with one letter are for sedans and coupes, and vehicles with two letters are for sport utility vehicles. Often, there are letters after the model name, and those also mean something as well. The s after a model name means it is a sport package. The letter h after a model name means it’s a hybrid model, and a t means a touring model. All the letters that denote these distinctions are placed after the model name and as not capitalized letters.
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