Fun with Friendship Bracelets

Every child can have fun when it comes to making jewelry. One of the ways to do this is by making friendship bracelets. This is an easy and simple jewelery item to make for themselves or their friends.

The materials needed for this product are affordable and can be found at any local crafting store, or store that carries crafting items. First thing is first you will need 2 different colors of yarn about 4 feet long each. These colors can be any that child wants them to be, but it is easier to keep them as two different colors. After the two colors have been chosen, next they need to fold them in half in order to make the ¼ inch loop at the top. Once they have created a loop, they need to tie the loop together using a square not. Once the strings are arranged, they should appear as color 1 as strings one and three, and color 2 as strings two and four.

Once the strings are in order, it is necessary to tie string 1 over 2 in a forward knot and then 3 over 4 in a forward knot. This will put them in order More info: kids jewelry making

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