Designs Used For Upper Extremity Prosthetics

There can be several reasons why someone needs to have a prosthetic device attached to their upper extremity. The upper extremity prosthetic Georgia residents could possible be fitted with will be designed to replace a limp they are missing. The upper extremities include the hands and arms. The prosthetic devices available for people can be made as different models. A hand can be designed as a non-moving model which replicates the appearance of a regular hand. This item is often worn when the individual wants a cosmetic prostheses. A device with the ability to move, can be made of metal.

The metal hand has individual fingers mounted with hinges so they can move and flex like regular fingers. This movement allows the person to pick up items using their prosthetic hand. Some hands are so well designed they even allow people to play musical instruments such as violins. A prosthetic device can be made to fit an adult or child. Each item is designed to fit the size and shape of the remaining portion of the limb. In addition to prosthetic hands, there are also prosthetic arms designed for the upper extremities.

The prosthetic devices designed with movable parts often integrate robotics into the frame. The new models are being made with sensors that can work with the electrical impulses carried by the person’s own nervous system. Obtaining a prosthetic requires a number of fittings to ensure the item will feel comfortable during use. These items are available through companies affiliated with medical clinics and hospitals. More info: upper extremity prosthetic georgia

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