Dealing With The Death Of A Baby

Congratulations, it is a girl! These words make every parent’s heart sing. For most, the hopes and dreams of a new baby make life look a lot brighter. For a few families every year, however, the birth of their child is not a happy affair. These parents, who have just had a child with a fatal condition, need the compassion and care of a qualified maternity hospital.

At the 20 week ultrasound, most parents care only about their new baby’s gender. Sometimes, though, this quickly changes. The ultrasound technician becomes quiet. Doctors sit the parents down and tell them the news. Their much loved and wanted baby is going to die within minutes or hours of birth.

When the baby is born, the parents often need the help of staff to make the memories necessary to truly grieve the death of their child. The family needs to be able to take pictures, footprints, locks of hair and other memorabilia.

The normal newborn rituals including first bath, weighing and measuring, diapering and dressing should occur after death if possible. This gives the parents an opportunity to hold their son or daughter while he or she is still alive. This is a very comforting and special thing for many parents.

Staff should give the parents resources, including funeral homes, local support groups and memorial agencies. Comfort packs should also be made available if possible. Many photographers, who specialize in taking and editing beautiful photos of infants who have passed, offer free, professional photos of these babies.

No matter the outcome, the birth of a child is a day no parent can forget. For the parent whose child has died, the saddest day of their life can be made easier. A caring, prepared staff can help make all the difference. More info: maternity hospital San Jose

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