Create A Whole New World

You have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention at a trade show. You want to slow them down. In a sea of advertising graphics, you have to be different. The difference is what is going to grab attention. A tension fabric display gives you limitless options. Transform your piece of a large industrial area into whatever suits your needs.

A backdrop that focuses on your company’s main purpose will be most versatile. Use company colors, logos and graphics to create visual impact. Set a mood on the display and arrange the area in front of the background to carry on that feeling. You can use current company visuals or maybe this is the time to think about expanding them. Many companies have staff that can help you in the creation of your display. The words and pictures you put on the tension fabric display are the first impression attendees have of you. Make them want to know more.

The frames for the displays are made from lightweight aluminum. They are easy to assemble and can usually be set up and taken do More info: Tension Fabric Displays

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