Bringing Back The Beauty: Doll Restoration

Perhaps you’ve just come across that old doll you adored from your childhood, but have found it in horrible condition. Maybe the family dog took your daughters favorite doll and tore off a limb. What if you’re a collector and a shelf containing your prized dolls has collapsed? There’s no need to panic in any of these situations. Now days it’s quite easy to find a trained and qualified professional to repair your dolls. Doll repair can sometimes be a common sense kind of thing. Other times the skilled hands of a trained professional are needed to restore the former beauty of your favorite doll. However, you shouldn’t just take your doll to the first repair shop you find. It is important to find a company that cares just as much about your beloved doll as you do. There are certain criteria that must be met for your doll’s repair to be considered a success. The first of which pertains to the materials used. You want them to be permanent, as in they won’t sustain damage simply due to the effects of aging. Even more important is restoring the doll to its original state. The doll must, even upon close examination, appear 100% as it did originally. To ensure the best quality work will be performed on your doll, I would suggest asking the company doing the repair to show you a few examples of their work. Also, be sure to get an estimate for the work to be done since doll repair can be very costly. More info: doll repairs and restoration

Learn How To Make Kids Quilts

Quilting is a popular hobby for many people. You can learn how to make a quilt in a relatively short amount of time. Quilting classes are available in community centers and online. If you want to learn how to make kids quilts, then you will find great choices in designs and fabrics. There are quilting books that you can buy to learn how to design and make a kids quilt. You can also find websites that specialize in kids quilts and there are forums where you can communicate with other quilters. By searching online, you will find the quilting community to be large and friendly. Learning how to make kids quilts is a fun hobby.

Words With Friends

in the South, there is a phrase we use when you have an argument with someone. This phrase is ” having words.” when you have words with someone that means that you got into a very heated dispute, and that an argument ensued. Now if you were to have words with a friend, that would not be a good thing. Printers posted be your allies, so any time you get into argument with one, it can be very detrimental to the relationship. So you never want to have words with friends. If you can’t, you should try and find a peaceful way to resolve differences. Anyway which you can avoid having words with friends can be very beneficial to your personal life.

Medieval Swords And Their Use

Medieval swords are from Europe around the 15th century. The medieval sword resembles their predecessors, the steel Celtic sword, which evolved around 1500 B.C. The blade of the medieval swords measure about one yard in length. The grip of these swords is meant to be held with one hand so the other hand is free to hold a shield for defense. Medieval swords were meant to use for cutting, so in early times they had a very thin blade and a rounded tip. Later on, the sword became a little thicker with a sharper point. The role of the medieval sword was for a personal weapon during medieval times.

What You Should Know About Samurai Swords.

Samurai swords are Japanese swords. They are used differently than some other swords you may have seen and used. If you are planning to own one of these, you should learn how to properly use it. There are books available, as well as online instruction. You should also follow proper maintenance for your sword. You will want to buy a samurai maintenance kit that includes maintenance oil. You will need this to keep your sword in top shape. Traditionally these swords were treated with respect. It was believed by the Samurai that their soul was connected to the sword, for this reason the sword must be treated with respect. More info: samurai swords

The Battle Axe

With the Medieval Weaponry comes the listing of different types. The Battle axe was one of the important medieval weaponries that were used to conquer ones opponent. The battle axe was designed as double sided and or single sided weapons. The is weapon was normally used as a close up weapon during warfare. It was also used to hurl at the opposing team. It was light enough but heavy enough to be thrown like a missile. The battle axe could easily be mounted on a long shaft like object that was about 5ft long and or a short shaft like object that measured 1ft long. The blade located on the axe was crescent shaped that measured around 25 cm. The force of the battle axe was so strong that it could significantly hurt a knight in armor. More info: medieval weaponry

We Still Use Swords

Swords were probably the most wide spread of medieval weaponry options that were available. During the eras of knights and kings it was considered a desirable skill to be good with the sword. Being the towns sword smith was an important job that only the most skilled tradesman would acquire. Folding the metal of a sword directly correlates to its strength. There is a large variety in style, looking from sword to sword. They were made in the most grandiose designs, and the most simple. Even though swords originated many years ago, they are still used in combat and training throughout the world.

Get Your Own Medieval Armor

Do you like Renaissance faires? Do you have a passion for history of the Dark Ages? Then chances are, you have fantasized about having your own set of medieval armor. Many talented blacksmiths and crafters share your interest, and make full suits of armor that are available for purchase at any time. A quick Internet search for a medieval costume and re-enactment forum or chat room can help you find contact information for someone who sells medieval armor. You can pay a little or a lot, depending on the seller, your specifications, and your price range. So what are you waiting for? Start looking!

Fun with Friendship Bracelets

Every child can have fun when it comes to making jewelry. One of the ways to do this is by making friendship bracelets. This is an easy and simple jewelery item to make for themselves or their friends.

The materials needed for this product are affordable and can be found at any local crafting store, or store that carries crafting items. First thing is first you will need 2 different colors of yarn about 4 feet long each. These colors can be any that child wants them to be, but it is easier to keep them as two different colors. After the two colors have been chosen, next they need to fold them in half in order to make the ¼ inch loop at the top. Once they have created a loop, they need to tie the loop together using a square not. Once the strings are arranged, they should appear as color 1 as strings one and three, and color 2 as strings two and four.

Once the strings are in order, it is necessary to tie string 1 over 2 in a forward knot and then 3 over 4 in a forward knot. This will put them in order More info: kids jewelry making

Making Jewelry

Making your own jewelry at home can be a wonderful way to not only save money but to also create a look that is uniquely your own. Using the right jewelry making ideas is essential to knowing what to create and what tools you will need in the process. For many, starting with a simple earring template can prove to be beneficial when learning how to bend wire and add beads and sparkle. You may also want to stick with a particular design to get the hang of creating your own pieces so that you can easily begin to master the technique of doing your very own jewelry making at home.