Bringing Back The Beauty: Doll Restoration

Perhaps you’ve just come across that old doll you adored from your childhood, but have found it in horrible condition. Maybe the family dog took your daughters favorite doll and tore off a limb. What if you’re a collector and a shelf containing your prized dolls has collapsed? There’s no need to panic in any of these situations. Now days it’s quite easy to find a trained and qualified professional to repair your dolls. Doll repair can sometimes be a common sense kind of thing. Other times the skilled hands of a trained professional are needed to restore the former beauty of your favorite doll. However, you shouldn’t just take your doll to the first repair shop you find. It is important to find a company that cares just as much about your beloved doll as you do. There are certain criteria that must be met for your doll’s repair to be considered a success. The first of which pertains to the materials used. You want them to be permanent, as in they won’t sustain damage simply due to the effects of aging. Even more important is restoring the doll to its original state. The doll must, even upon close examination, appear 100% as it did originally. To ensure the best quality work will be performed on your doll, I would suggest asking the company doing the repair to show you a few examples of their work. Also, be sure to get an estimate for the work to be done since doll repair can be very costly. More info: doll repairs and restoration

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