Bee Pollen The Super Food For Weight Loss

Bee Pollen has long been considered a Super food, because it contains all the natural and essential nutrients the human body needs to function properly. This pure and natural food from honeybees contains a high quality form of protein along with several other health inducing ingredients that also speed up metabolism. These ingredients include, but are not limited to enzymes,fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals.Not only does it boost the immune system and increase overall health, one only needs a little to restore optimum health. Recently, bee pollen for weight loss has been studied and found to be very successful in helping overweight individuals regain their slim figures.

Bee pollen has been proven to speed up metabolism thereby allowing fat to be burned as fuel. This is due to the high content of lecithin that breaks down fat and mobilizes its exit from the body. Another benefit is the amino acid phenylalanine, an appetite suppressant. Chemically speaking, bee pollen corrects chemical imbalances in the body, which creates a faster metabolism. Commonly sold freeze dried for potency and purity, if added to a daily regimen along with proper nutrition and exercise, it will result in radiant skin and a leaner, healthier body.

It is important if new to bee pollen to introduce it gradually. This insures there are no allergic reactions to it. A small amount may be added to a cold glass of water, but due to the active enzymes, bee pollen should never be heated as that may destroy the enzymes. After a week, the optimal dosage is one tablespoon daily. Once opened, bee pollen granules should be kept refrigerated for best quality. More info: Bee Pollen weight loss

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