BD LSR II Cytometers In Medical Labs

Different pieces of equipment are used in biology and medical labs to produce test results. Only the best pieces of equipment are used and individuals who run facilities are always buying new equipment. New equipment ensures that labs are reviewing the best and most accurate test results and this helps to advance medical and scientific endeavors. Cytometers are used in almost every medical and scientific lab and the BD LSR II is one type of flow cytometer that is thought to be one of the best.

The BD LSR II is a cytometer that is small enough to be set on lab tables and benches. This cytometer is extremely sensitive and it contains numerous lasers to produce accurate and comprehensive test results. The BD LSR II is durable and high-tech and is an absolutely important piece of technology for any lab that works on medical advancements and testing.

The BD LSR II produces digital results on a computer screen and software that comes with the cytometer is necessary to receive accurate results. Software is easy to use and all test information is shown on one screen for quick result interpretation. Results can be printed out after they are viewed on screens and placed in files.

The BD LSR II can be customized by changing different settings and this allows labs and medical facilities to look at only the information they need. Setting changes streamline lab work and this means that results can be produced quicker. Settings can be changed easily and they can be reset when other tests need to be performed. More info: bd lsr ii

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