A Lightweight Aggregate Provides Versatility with Regard to Application

There are a number of good uses for a lightweight aggregate for home and residential use. One such aggregate is pea gravel. Peal gravel, as a lightweight aggregate, comes in various small sizes. The aggregate is comprised of shades of tan, gray, white and brown and the small round pebbles can be used attractively around plants, on walkways, when laying out gravel driveways, and as a decorative element when bordering gardening arrangements.

Residential dwellers, and commercial property owners make use of the lightweight aggregate termed: pea gravel. Pea gravel can also be used on playgrounds located next to schools; and as a decorative element as part of the landscaping outside of commercial buildings. In conclusion, though, a lightweight aggregate (such as pea gravel) makes for an attrative appearance regardless of use or application; and proves very practical.

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